Status Update

OK folks!
Exciting fashion editorial work with Number:Lab coming in the next day or two courtesy of my pal Stefano Guerrini in Italy, then another Nick Ayler beauty/body story, and then . . . it will become a bit quiet on social media over the summer . . .
A special THANK YOU for the support. This has been a terrific experience.
I am particularly thankful for the opportunity to begin a conversation with my work . . . my intention all along . . . and say something new.
Both with the women and men: I have a message.
Don’t be distracted by abs.
My message started with my book Defensio.
It will be continued in my first limited edition oversized magazine (volume 1) of Richard Gerst Illustrated (Baron & Finch), which I begin curating work for later this Spring with the art director, which will contain some unexpected images never before published . . .
And, if I’m lucky enough to be able to continue for another 10 years or so, it will ALL . . . eventually . . . make sense.
I promise.


@MatthewSHerrick of DTLA for GQ. com Italia via Stefano Guerrini

Actor Matthew Stephen Herrick - DTLA- by Richard Gerst for GQ. com Italy

Actor Matthew Stephen Herrick – DTLA- by Richard Gerst for Italy

Herrick sits for Gerst in an editorial outtake from his GQ. com Italia shoot for Stefano Guerrini’s fashion blog at